Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration is the only Proven and Permanent Solution for Hair Loss.  South Beach Hair Restoration only provides Safe and Effective treatment options.  You have many options to Restore Your Hair Loss.  Non-Surgical Hair Systems and Weaves.  Medical alternatives such as Rogaine and PDO Hair Growth Threads.  Low-Level Lasers can be purchased online for between 200.00 and 3,000.00.  Scalp Micropigmentation known as SMP is basically a Tattoo that can be used to disguise Hair Loss.  With the exception of FUE and FUT Hair Transplants, none of these are permanent and will cost you tens of thousands over your lifetime.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair Systems, Wigs and Weaves have been around longer than Hair Transplant Surgery.  These are not Permanent and are very Expensive.  Regardless of the commercials on cable, this is not your hair.  Hair is purchased overseas and processed into wigs, it is big business.  Hair Club for Men is one of the largest Hair System companies in the World.  These ads are very attractive and entice you into thinking that you can lead an active lifestyle wearing their products.  The cost compared to a Hair Transplant is much more expensive.  Over a 20 year period you can spend 80,000.00 on a Hair system.  Call 407-968-8836 if you want to transition out of your Hair Piece or Man Weave.

Medical Hair Restoration

Rogaine also called Minoxidil was the original medication therapy used to treat Thinning Hair.  It is available over Rogaine Benefits and Costthe counter and most drug stores.  It is a topical solution applied to the scalp once a day.  It can be effective in the early stages of Hair Loss, it will not work on a Bald Area.  The cost of Rogaine is about 20 Dollars Per Month.  Minoxidil is also used in shampoos and conditioners.

There are many Expensive versions of Rogaine on the market, if a shampoo claims to regrow hair it most likely contains Minoxidil.  Minoxidil is the only FDA approved Topical Solution for Hair Loss.  Be cautious when you see shampoos that are selling for 50 to 100 dollars for Thinning Hair, it probably contains Minoxidil, which you can buy for 20.00.

Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Laser Combs and Laser Caps have been shown in studies to improve Hair Density and Thickness by about 22%.  This is probably not enough of an improvement for you to see a noticeable difference in your Hair Loss.  The cost of these Laser Combs and Caps range from 100.00 to 3000.00, this is a lot considering there is no Guarantee of the Results.  Unlike Hait Transplant Surgery which we Guarantee that the hairs will grow, Laser Therapy is a gamble.  Personally, I would rather invest in a proven Hair Loss Treatment that works on both Bald spots and Thinning Hair.  To Learn more about Hair Loss Solutions call 407-968-8836.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation or SMP.  I am not a fan of this, I have not seen good results.  The ink tends to bleed through and colors the area a weird grey.  It is permanent and we have performed numerous Hair Transplants to hide these scalp Tattoos.  I would do a lot of research before going down this road, regardless of how it’s marketed it’s a Tattoo.

Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration in South Florida

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