Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplants are Affordable in Florida.  The average Cost for FUT and FUE Hair Transplant procedures is 3 Dollars Per Graft.  Affordability is just one of the reasons you choose South Beach Hair Restoration to solve Hair Loss.  Our Hair Restoration Team has over 20 years of combined Experience.  We have been helping Men Restore their Hair Loss in Florida since 2004, with offices in Orlando, Sarasota, South Florida and Melbourne, Florida.  We have locations and Hair Transplant Procedures that’s right for you.

Hair Transplant Pricing

Most clinics that offer Hair Transplants in Florida charge Per Graft, the average cost is 3-5 dollars.  This gets Hair Transplant Cost in Floridaexpensive when you are transplanting 1500 to 2500 grafts.  South Beach Hair Restoration charges Per Session, not Per Graft. Prices range from 1,500 to 6,500 for both FUT and FUE procedures.  One secret that Hair Transplant professionals don’t want you to know, it’s impossible for you to count the Grafts you paid for.  We eliminated this problem by charging clients Per Session, this is the most Transparent and Honest method in Florida.

Many Hair Transplant doctors in Florida charge Per Graft because it helps their bottom line.  They can give you extremely high estimates of Graft Numbers by dissecting Naturally occurring Follicular Unit grafts(1-4 Hair Grafts) into all 1 and 2 Hair Grafts, this artificially increases the Graft Numbers without giving you more hair.  These dissected grafts have a 30% lower Growth Rate compared to Follicular Unit Grafts.  You can avoid this by only paying Per Session.  To Learn More call 407-968-8836.

Neograft Cost in Florida

Neograft® FUE Hair Transplantation is one of the more Popular Hair Transplant procedures offered by Doctors in Orlando, Miami, and Melbourne, Fl.  It has become sought after by Hair Loss clients seeking a Minimally Invasive procedure that doesn’t involve Linear Donor Scars.  The Cost for Neograft® FUE tends to be more expensive, not because it is a Better Hair Transplant.  Most clinics in Florida who offer FUE have little to no Experience performing Hair Transplantation.

Since 2004 we have been committed to providing Hair Loss clients with Affordable solutions to Restore their Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair.  We use Follicular Unit Grafts, the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration.  We introduced Per Session Pricing for Hair Transplant Surgery, clinics have chosen to copy our Pricing.  This is good, Hair Loss patients will no longer accept the Old pricing and Results.

Call 407-968-8836 to receive a Free Hair Transplant Price Quote and Learn which procedure will produce the Best Results.

Care Credit Hair Transplant Financing

Care Credit is a Trusted Source of Financing for Hair Transplant Procedures.  It has an Excellent Record of Helping Hair Loss patients realize their Dreams of Full Head of Hair.  They offer Interest-Free options as well as Reduced Interest Rates over  Longer Time Period.  You can Combine Cosmetic Procedures for a Total Makeover.  Below are some Examples of Monthly Payments for a 6,000.00 Hair Transplant Cost.

  1.  24 Months Deferred Interest – 250.00/Month.
  2.  24 Months Reduced APR – 291.00/Month.
  3.  36 Months Reduced APR – 208.00/Month.
  4.  60 Months Reduced APR – 149.00/Month.

These are Estimates provided by the Care Credit Website.  Care Credit is Easy to Apply for.  You can go to their Website or Call 866-893-7864.

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