Hair Transplant Surgery

You Have 2 Hair Transplant Surgery options in Florida, FUE and FUT.  Both are effective at Treating Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair.  Most Hair Transplant Clinics are capable of performing FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction.  Our Hair Transplant Team is Experienced in all Hair Transplant Surgery procedures, a minimum to be considered an Expert in Hair Restoration.  Less than 10% of clinics in Florida meet these standards.  Call 407-968-8836 to Save $1500.00 in December 2020.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE known as Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision is for men who have Minimal to Moderate Hair Hair Transplant Miami, Jupiter, Boca Raton FloridaLoss.  These procedures require up to 1500 grafts for coverage of a Bald Spot or Thinning Areas.

FUE has many Brand Names with the Devices used.  Neograft®, ARTAS® (Robot), and SmartGraft® are popular throughout Florida.  We use Neograft®, it allows Our Team to utilize their Artistic abilities.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT or Strip Hair Transplant Surgery is the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration.  Bosley Medical and Top Hair Transplant Surgeons perform this procedure.  Based on ISHRS data, FUT is responsible for 50% of grafts transplanted.  FUE gets the press and marketing attention, FUT is the Best Procedure for Men.

The biggest reason Hair Loss clients shy away from FUT is the Negative Marketing by clinics and Doctors who only offer FUE.  These ads show scars from 20 years ago and imply that FUE is New so it must be Superior.  We offer both FUT and FUE because no single Hair Transplant procedure can help all Hair Loss clients.  Men who need large amounts of grafts are better served with the FUT procedure.  The major concern that our clients initially have is the Donor Scar, we eliminated this by combining FUT and FUE procedures.  You get 30% more hair without a Permanent Linear Donor Scar.  Call 407-968-8836 to Learn if you Qualify for our Technique.

Using Follicular Unit Grafts in a Hair Transplant

What are Follicular Unit Grafts and why are they necessary for a Great Hair Transplant Result.  Follicular Unit Grafts are Naturally occurring 1-4 Hair Groups that grow on your Scalp.  We Transplant these Grafts from the Donor Area (Back of the Scalp) to the Recipient Area (Top of the Scalp).  Some Doctors use a Different Type of Graft.  They instruct their Technicians to Dissect the Naturally occurring 3-4 Hair Grafts into 1-2 Hair Grafts.  During an FUE procedure, they Extract the 1-2 Hair Grafts, ignoring the More Robust 3-4 Hair Grafts.  This Inflates the Graft Numbers.  Increasing the Cost of Your FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.

There is no Evidence that 1-2 Hair Grafts produce Better Results, In fact, the Opposite is True.  These 1-2 Hair Grafts have Lower Survival Rates, 30% Lower than Follicular Unit Grafts.  Hair Restoration Clinics who Charge Per Graft make a Tremendous Profit doing this.  Money aside you should ask the doctor during your Consultation what type of Grafts will be used.  Below is a Breakdown of How the Hair Grows on your Scalp:

  1.  10% of Your Hair Grows as Single Hair Grafts.
  2.  40% of Your Hair Grows as 2 Hair Grafts.
  3.  The Remaining 50% Grows as 3-4 Hair Grafts.

With this Knowledge, you can Schedule a Hair Transplant Consultation and Be Confident that no one will “Get Over on You”.  It sucks that you can’t Blindly Trust a Doctor, you might be able to.  Remember that More Grafts doesn’t = More Hair.

  1.  A 2000 Graft Procedure that uses 1-2 Hair Grafts contains 3000 Hairs.
  2.  The Same 2000 Graft Hair Transplant that uses Follicular Unit Grafts contains 5,600 Hairs.

If You Pay Per Graft, You are Receiving Less Hair at a Higher PriceContact South Beach Hair Restoration to Schedule a Free Hair Restoration Consultation.  We can Help You Evaluate a Graft Quote and Price even if it’s with another Hair Transplant Doctor.  Our Goal isn’t to “Flip You” to our Clinic, we just want you to be secure knowing that you were provided with an Accurate Estimate and Pricing Information.  Call 407-968-8836.  

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